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About us

Our expertise

A unique extraction technology

Based on an infusion process, Rouages’ unique technology allows us to obtain extracts without chemical solvents and without evaporation phase while preserving the true aromatic richness of the fresh plant, spices and fruits.

This innovative process guarantees that our infusions retain the full aromatic spectrum (taste and smell) of the raw materials used.

Simple, specific or complex infusion, our process allows to extract from a raw material a specific aromatic profile or to combine within the same infusion the aromatic compounds of different raw materials.

In addition to this technical know-how of extraction and balancing of flavors, our knowledge of food matrices allows us to develop natural, additive-free and healthy finished products.

With this expertise, the Rouages team will help you find the best solutions for all your projects.


Complementary know-how

Lactic fermentation

In parallel to its infusion technology, Rouages has developed a mastery of lactic fermentation allowing it to develop fermented health drinks and other fermented food matrices for its own account or that of its clients.

Rouages proposes its own creations but also adapts to any specific request of the customer.

Membrane processes

Rouages completes its technological expertise with a know-how of filtration and ultrafiltration by membranes allowing to concentrate the aromatic extracts.

A complementary asset to imagine unique intense products.

Formulation of beverages and food ingredients

Our extraction and lactic fermentation technology is complemented by our knowledge of food matrices and our know-how in balancing flavors.

These combined skills allow us to develop natural, additive-free, healthy and unique intermediate food and beverage products.


Our commitments

By using 100% natural raw materials, and by not adding any chemicals, Rouages guarantees 100% natural food ingredients.

Your recipes, made from our ingredients, remain 100% natural! Consumers approve at 100%.


Our values

The valorization
of co-products

At Rouages, there is no waste! We exploit all the raw materials by valorizing the co-products to draw the whole of the aromatic richness.

Fair remuneration for producers

Our partnerships are based on respect and trust. Our producers are all valued in a fair remuneration.

Clean label

For natural and authentic products, we use no solvents or chemical additives. Simple and transparent ingredient labeling.


For a quality product and in order to contribute to the development of our economy, we always favour the shortest possible circuits.


Our certifications

Quality certification

Our expertise in food safety management
at your service.


All our flavoring raw materials are available
in organic range.


Find us

Based in the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne since 2007, Rouages was born from the desire of its co-founders to bring renewal to the world of aromas.

A combination of technical know-how and a fine knowledge of plant physiology, the aromatic extraction process developed by Rouages makes it possible to provide its customers with natural aromatic raw materials of incomparable richness!


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