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Develop authentic drinks with unique flavors
Use intense flavors with non-evaporative extraction
Master perfectly the aromatic richness
Give a taste signature to your original recipes

Rouages magnifies the original flavors in an infusion with exceptional organoleptic properties


No chemical input, no process that denatures the product… a 100% natural infusion. Rouages draws its inspiration from nature and has for essential principle to respect it. It offers enough aromatic richness not to invent others chemically.


No additions for a pure product sublimated by a technique that preserves all its original properties and especially its taste… a 100% faithful product. We have imagined a unique process guided by the desire to respect the best that nature has created. Thanks to this patented concept, we offer you exceptional products with faithful flavors.


From field to delivery, our production chain is perfectly traceable and allows us to offer products of controlled origin, from reliable and referenced productions. We develop real partnerships with the producers to guarantee a quality supply and the height of our products.


Our expertise

Creating flavoring raw materials is an age-old process.

Rouages has brought it into the 21st century with its unique technology. A pure technology, an extraction without evaporation phase, devoid of any chemical process that delivers you products with exceptional organoleptic richness.

Our professional teams will accompany you in the search for your turnkey and customized solutions.


Our solutions

The Rouages offer is wide (more than 500 products available) and adapts to all requests: flavoring raw materials, in aqueous or oily matrix, very rich concentrated aromatic bases, infusion-based beverages, culinary aids and all the custom creations that we will know how to think for you.

Plants, spices, fruits, vegetables… everything is a creative field for Rouages.


Our applications

Food industry, aromatic industry, catering…

You will find at Rouages the quality aromatic materials to sublimate your products in all naturalness. Composition of an organic product, need for a specific aroma, an original flavor, unique signature…

Everything is possible thanks to our easy-to-use products with preserved qualities.


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